BY James Slade ON March 24, 2015.

Synteras is a management consulting firm that helps federal agencies, such as the U.S. Military Academy, the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Veterans Affairs, to achieve continuous improvement across their enterprise and extended supply chain. It offers a wide range of unique strategic change management consulting services designed to optimize processes, align resources, eliminate waste and bring lasting reform. Synteras uses its unique Transformative Process Optimization (TPO) methodology to help its clients analyze, model, execute and manage change initiatives in a fast, accountable, and disciplined manner, saving time and reducing the risk of failure.

Synteras decided to pursue ISO 9001 as a result of market drivers increasingly requiring federal contractors to adhere to, or prove certification in, globally accepted quality standards. It initiated the certification process whilst preparing for a large contract win for which quality expectations were high. Management wanted the company to be prepared with a solid Quality Management System in place at the beginning of the contract, rather than trying to retro-fit the existing system at a later stage.

Given that Synteras is not a large company, the certification process was challenging and involved a great deal of work. However, the flexibility built into the ISO 9001 structure meant that the growing firm could tailor the implementation to its specific needs. IMSM supported Synteras through providing thorough information and expert guidance in establishing the quality management framework, as well as helping to generate its quality manual, procedures, and templates.

Mr. Steve Chiodini, Director of Operations, believes that it has made an important difference to the company, “It’s certainly heightened our awareness of not only the need for documenting our procedures, but also having a mechanism to validate and check their effectiveness. Before certification, quality was a silent partner in our operations; now it is a very active member in everything we do.”

Mr. Chiodini also believes that ISO 9001 makes them more competitive, “we are now laser-focused on delivering the highest quality services possible to our customers.” Rather than a short-term milestone, Synteras sees the certification as ushering a change of culture and a renewed commitment to continuous improvement in all of its business operations. Mr. Chiodini comments, “having ISO 9001 proves to potential clients that we are serious about delivering quality services in the demanding environments of the federal marketplace. More and more customers are requiring an ISO certification, and we are prepared to meet that need.”