Apollo Display Technologies Corporation

BY James Slade ON March 24, 2015.

Apollo Display Technologies is a leading global supplier of flat-panel display technology solutions for industry and Digital Signage. It offers a wide selection of TFT-LCD high-quality display technologies, everything from single components to complete systems, as well as hardware and software solutions for all of its products and applications.

Based in Ronkonkoma, New York, Apollo Display has Competence Centres around the world in Munich (Germany) and Istanbul (Turkey). The company has grown significantly since its establishment in 1987. It considers its success a result of its commitment to engineer, design and build products that are uncompromisingly high in quality and innovation whilst remaining competitively-priced.

In order to defend its leading position in the context fierce global competition and narrowing prices, Apollo Displays has recently become fully ISO 9001 certificated. Gordon Newman, Quality Manager explains that its two overseas manufacturing centres were both already ISO certified; only the American operations centre was not: “ It was important to get ISO certification here as well to establish uniformity within the company. I was brought in to take care of this because I’ve done ISO certification before in Europe.”

Gordon went on to say, “There are a lot of companies out there that offer certification services, but what I found attractive about IMSM was its fixed fee policy. There were several other competitors that I looked at but they planned to have people come in and charge us for hotel rooms and airport travel, etc. IMSM’s fixed fee policy was much more appealing.” Apollo Displays was also impressed with the fact that IMSM has local assessors and didn’t need to fly representatives in: “It was great to know that if we needed to communicate or touch base on something, our rep could easily stop by.”

The company started doing preliminary preparation for its ISO certification in November, 2011 although back then, it didn’t have a clear system of specifications set up. Gordon recalls, “There was quite a bit of preliminary work to do beforehand, such as writing up procedures, auditing and training.” Apollo finally applied for certification in February 2012. “The certification process was challenging for us because the company didn’t have its procedures written down. We needed to get a few fundamentals in place in order to get the ISO.” However, having the preliminary work completed did make things easier.

Gordon was impressed by the support the company found in IMSM: “I found IMSM very easy to work with and extremely responsive. To be honest, I’d never experienced anything quite like their service before. If I phoned their field manager or representative, say, at their New York City office, I would get an immediate follow up in a day or two. This was so unlike other ISO certification companies that I’ve worked with in the past where you wait and wait to get a response. “

Apollo Displays received its ISO 9001 certification in April 2013. Gordon has noticed that the certification has enhanced the company’s internal processes: “We have fewer escapes as far as products going out that weren’t inspected, etc. Because there weren’t procedures in place before, oversights like this would happen from time to time. Now there’s something to follow and people know what’s expected, and there are sign-offs required, which means we don’t have any more products going out that shouldn’t be, such as a product going out without its software.”

From a sales standpoint, Gordon believes that the ISO certification gives Apollo Displays greater creditability: “Some of the bigger Contract Manufacturers who make the parts, say for IPhones for example, all require ISO certification. We can’t have our salesmen come in and say, “Well the ISO certification is in process.” No, you have to have this certification in order to talk business with them. So we’re expecting an eventual sales increase from having ISO.”