BY Rebecca Randles ON 3rd February 2015.

ISO 9001 helps Transpares streamline operations and increase staff productivity

Transpares (Kenya) Limited provides reliable long distance cargo delivery services throughout east and central Africa. From its humble beginnings in 1998, the company has grown rapidly to become one of the market leaders in the African transport industry. Strategically located near the key port of Mombasa, Transpares prides itself on moving cargo from the port to their clients’ destination safely and efficiently. The company’s mission is to provide “a complete logistics solution for our clients, along with a quality service based on trust and integrity.”

In March 2012, Transpares decided to become ISO 9001 certified. James Tawa, Quality Manager explains, “The main reason we wanted to get the ISO certification was because we saw that it could help us streamline our operations and increase staff productivity so that ultimately, we could serve our clients with greater efficiency.”

Transpares chose IMSM to help with the certification process because, “it offered a complete package, and there were no hidden costs or extra charges.”
Mr. Taw recalls, “In talking to the IMSM representative, we felt confident that they could make the whole procedure run much more smoothly. I would say that IMSM is definitely gifted to do what they do. They were able to relate to the needs of our company.”

Throughout the certification process, a dedicated IMSM assessor was on-call to answer questions as they arose. “We often received help outside normal working hours. The consultant was always available to attend to our programs, and all of the work he did was carefully executed. After each stage of the process was completed, he was always prompt to come back and help us with the next stage.”

In June, 2012, Transpares became ISO 9001 certified. Mr. Taws says, “The process was a bit tedious at first, and especially because we’d never done such a thing before, we found it a bit complex. But with the help of our IMSM assessor, we gained a better understanding of what was required. Since we started from scratch, we’re proud that our certification only took three months.” Being 9001 certified has had a huge impact on the company, according to Managing Director, Mr. Abdulgani Pasta. “The company now has well-documented policies and procedures, which have simplified the decision-making processes and stabilized our operations. The direct result has been a marked improvement in customer service.”

The Director of Operations, Mr. Mohamed Bachoo, commented, “Greater efficiency has also been achieved, especially in the operations and logistics department and fleet maintenance section. Employees are continuously being trained in required processes, and procedures have been put in place to ensure that the trucks and equipment under repair spend the shortest amount of time in the workshop. This has drastically reduced the down time of the fleet and increased performance.”

Mr. Tawa observes that certification has also given managers a better understanding of their responsibilities: “Now, each department has standards in place and is expected to meet their target goals. And that’s really improved efficiency. Moving cargo from port used to take five days; now it only takes three. Our customers are really appreciative of this improvement.” Surveys reveal that customer satisfaction has markedly increased.

Mr. Tawa says that the company is getting more compliments from customers: “Our name is becoming a brand name, which is far from what it was before.” “For all of this, we have IMSM to thank for their help in getting us through the certification process. They made the whole thing a more enjoyable experience, taking us to another level and inspiring our employees. We look forward to getting our other certifications with IMSM in the future.”


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