YAHOO is spying on you!

BY Rebecca Randles ON 28th May 2015.

The Yahoo logo is shown at the company's headquarters in Sunnyvale


After the Facebook ‘emotional contagion’ scandal; the large organisations that we all know and love, have been under tighter surveillance and scrutiny.

It has come to light that Yahoo will be facing legal action in the USA for allegedly spying on the content of emails sent to people with Yahoo accounts, but from non-Yahoo account users.  A judge in California said that any individual who has sent emails to, or received emails from a Yahoo account since the 2nd of October can sue Yahoo. There is estimated to be over one million members in the private lawsuit.

It is believed that the internet giant was gathering data from customer emails for possible disclosure to U.S. law enforcement and intelligence agencies. A further reason is said to be that Yahoo were accessing the content of emails, to create targeted advertising for its users (approximately 80% of Yahoo’s revenue is from advertising).

In Yahoo’s defence they stated ‘some of the plaintiffs continued to email Yahoo subscribers, despite being aware of our activities and in doing so consented to us accessing emails’.