Are you ready for Winter?

BY Olivia Franklin ON 25th November 2016.



December is just around the corner and so is the winter frost!  Beyond the obvious risk of slips and trips, cold weather can create a hazard for businesses and their staff.

Accidents increase during the autumn and winter season, for a number of reasons: there are fewer hours of daylight, fallen leaves become wet and slippery, cold weather spells cause ice and snow to build up on paths. To reduce the risk of an accident there are effective actions you can take.

You need to assess the risks posed by ice, frost and snow in the same way you would all other workplace risks, and then implement appropriate systems and controls accordingly. The unpredictability of the weather adds an element of uncertainty that makes it crucial to plan ahead and monitor any warning signs. Exceptionally cold weather can even affect employees’ physical health, dexterity and productivity.

“One of the main things people tend to forget or miss out,” says Johnsen, product manager at Arco, “…is to check all fire emergency exits. Ensuring the paths from them are clear.”

BS OHSAS 18001 promotes a safer working environment by heightening adherence to your health and safety policy and procedures at all levels of the organisation. As well as looking after your most valuable asset – your employees – BS OHSAS 18001 gives potential clients assurance of your effective risk management procedures and full regulatory compliance.

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