Data Security breached for Adobe

BY Rebecca Randles ON 9th January 2014.
Adobe Logo security-breach

News that some 38 million Adobe accounts were hacked shows how hard it is to stay data-secure in this increasingly digital world.

Initially, Adobe said 2.9 million Photoshop accounts had been compromised but later revised this to 38 million. Hackers had stolen parts of the source code for its popular picture-editing program.

The passwords and Adobe IDs were taken and, for a small but significant minority of those affected, credit and debit cards numbers, their expiry dates and product order details were also compromised.

Adobe acted to reset the passwords as a precaution against the encryption being cracked. But this would not protect its customers from the threat of having their accounts on other services attacked if they used the same usernames and passwords. Indeed, Facebook acted by asking those who they thought were affected to answer security questions before logging on.

Clearly, cyber-attacks will continue because while software becomes ever more sophisticated, so do the hackers.

Having ISO 27001 Data Security will provide reassurance that your business takes data security seriously by demonstrating you’ve taken all possible steps to ward off a cyber-attack.