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9 essentials for your ISO 45001 checklist

December 14th, 2018 By Marketing

To become ISO 45001 certified, you will be audited by specialists who will assess your occupational health and safety management system and processes against specific criteria outlined in the standard.

To help you prepare and assess which areas may need improving, here are the nine critical areas your business will need to address in preparation for the ISO 45001 audit.


  1. Have you performed a gap analysis?

    If you are moving from BS OHSAS 18001 (the previous health and safety standard) to the new ISO 45001, then it will be beneficial to perform a thorough gap analysis. In your gap analysis be sure to:

  • Identify what will differ from your existing health and safety management system and your new one
  • Map out what needs to be achieved and how this will be done


  1. Does your health and safety management system work in the context of your organisation?

    Every business is different and, therefore, every management system should align with your specific businesses processes if it is going to be adopted and implemented effectively. Does your health and safety management plan consider:

  • The size of your business?
  • Legal requirements?
  • The personal objectives of your organisation?
  • The input and expectations of the people you work with?


  1. Does it put leadership into the foreground?

    The ISO 45001 is inclusive of everyone, specifying individuals as ‘workers’ rather than ‘persons under the organisation’s control’. Going beyond just management, it emphasises the importance of leadership. Evaluate:

  • Whether there’s a framework of equal responsibility for all levels of your organisation to follow
  • The availability of documentation and support

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  1. Is your plan achievable?

    ISO 45001 standard practices must be able to integrate well into your workplace culture. Can your plan:

  • Identify where risk assessments are needed?
  • Be easily evaluated?
  • Make room for adjustment where necessary?


  1. Is a support network integral to your success?

    High quality internal and external communications are vital to ensure everyone impacted by change is up to speed with ISO 45001 standards. Have you:

  • Identified the resources you require?
  • Implemented training targeted at moulding employees who are competent in occupational health and safety?
  • Made solutions clear and accessible?


  1. How operational is your plan?

    This will test your system’s ability to control changes that are either planned or unintended. Your processes must be:

  • Clearly defined
  • Easily transformable
  • Able to conform to ISO 45001 requirements


  1. Does your system work for contractors and outsourcing?

    It’s not just those who work with you everyday who must benefit from your health and safety management system, but also those who you outsource as well as those on contracts. Have you considered:

  • How your organisation’s activities impact these kind of workers and vice versa?
  • How you will control external factors?


  1. Are you prepared for review?

    Before an IMSM auditor can assess your performance, self-evaluate your workplace prior to your ISO 45001 audit. Double check:

  • What will be monitored
  • How your results will be analysed
  • The criteria management will be tested on


  1. How will you demonstrate your ability to improve?

    You will be assessed on your ability to actively seek opportunities to improve. To comply:

  • Put health and safety at the top of your priorities
  • State how you plan to investigate mishaps
  • Have measures in place to recognise non-conformities


There you have it! Once you’re satisfied your business complies with these essentials, you’re almost certainly ready your ISO 45001 audit. If you have any questions regarding an ISO 45001 audit – feel free to get in touch.

Alternatively, you can learn all you need to know about the benefits and process of ISO 45001 by downloading our free guide.

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