Seven Sustainable business practices to follow

7 sustainable business practices to follow

February 11th, 2020 By Marketing

With the EU declaring a climate emergency, and news about climate disasters only becoming more prevalent, you might be wondering what practises you can follow to make your business more sustainable. Whatever the size of your company or the industry that you’re in, there are ways that you can help tackle the climate problem. Here are 7 business practices you can follow to display your commitment to a greener future:

1. Only partner with companies or use suppliers that follow sustainable practices

One way to improve the environmental performance of your own organisation is to ensure you only work with other organisations that follow sustainable practices. While it can be tempting to make business choices that aim to reduce costs, this can often have the effect of choosing suppliers or partners whose business processes have a very negative impact on the environment.

Have a screening process in place for any prospective businesses you are thinking of working with; do they have any certifications such as Fair Trade or ISO 14001?

If you choose not to work for them for environmental reasons, let them know that this is the reason why. This should hopefully put pressure on other companies to become more sustainable!

2. Start a Green Team in your business

Depending on the size of your organisation, hire a person or team whose job is dedicated to designing a green policy for the organisation. They will be responsible for ensuring all staff get on board with these policies. Your green team can also be the team in charge of screening any new suppliers or partners.

Need inspiration for eco-friendly changes you can make to your office? Have a read of this blog.

3. Include sustainability in your company’s core values

Including sustainability in your company’s core values or mission statement emphasises how important it is to your company. Mention these values in job descriptions and performance appraisals to cement your values in new and existing employees.

4. Ensure you reach your goals

Constantly measure your performance against the goals outlined in your mission statement and publish these results. Publishing the results both internally and externally will encourage you to achieve higher, and can form a good bit of PR. Knowing that there are targets to reach should encourage all staff to get on board and actively try to help achieve these goals.

5. Implement a community service policy

Community service or corporate volunteering initiatives are a great way to support your local area. Giving your employees 2-3 days off a year to volunteer at environmental charities shows your organisation’s commitment towards fighting climate change and pollution. You can also participate in organised activities such as beach clean ups, or book onto a plant a tree event.

6. Invest in training your staff

Send staff on training courses to learn the importance of sustainability and how it fits into your workplace. They can then present what they learnt back to the office to spread the knowledge. You could also bring speakers into the office to talk about sustainability, offering a free lunch to anyone that attends.

7. Get ISO 14001 certified

The ISO 14001 standard is an internationally recognised standard aimed to help organisations reduce their environmental impact. The standard outlines a framework in which you must:

  • Set your environmental objectives
  • Ensure staff are on board and actively working towards achieving your goal
  • Constantly reviewing your processes to ensure they are at their most efficient

Getting ISO 14001 certified will ensure that your business focuses on it’s environmental impact, supported by effective management processes.

Want to know more about getting ISO 14001 certified? Download our free guide:

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