4 key reasons why your company should adopt ISO 27001

July 19th, 2019 By Marketing

It’s safe to say data security is seriously important. Making data protection a priority doesn’t just involve setting up firewalls and running anti-virus programmes every now and then: the bare minimum is simply not good enough. There are plenty of sinister data breaches out in cyberspace and your business needs to be adequately prepared to prevent data interception. ISO 27001 will help you make cyber security a priority; here’s four key reasons why your company should adopt it.

1. ISO 27001 ensures you safeguard your data

In a nutshell, ISO 27001 keeps confidential information secure, not just for you but also for your clients, ensuring the data you share is fortified and encrypted. The processes you’ll learn with this ISO will help you manage risks and protect assets should they be threatened, guiding you to put systems in place that will identify and flag potential risk.

2. Makes your business watertight

An initial cost does incur with ISO 27001, however this is undoubtedly an investment. According to IBM, the average data breach costs businesses $3.9 million (around £3.1 million) – much, much more than the cost of an ISO! The procedures you implement as part of your certification will cover every inch of your business, developing awareness of information security across your company. Incidents will be minimised and, should a risk occur, the cost of cleaning up the mess will be reduced: because it’s a global standard, ISO 27001 is compliant with international law, thus lessening the impact of financial penalties.

Interested in the other ways ISO 27001 can help your business?

3. Boosts your credibility

All ISOs are internationally recognised, and so the message you communicate to your customers and clients when you’re certified with ISO 27001, is that you demonstrate best practice cyber security. This improves your reputation, giving you a leg up over competitors who aren’t certified. You can then market yourself to global industries or clientele who require this kind of qualification in those they do business with.

ISO standards are ever-evolving, updating in accordance with industry trends so you establish a culture of continuous improvement and always reap the rewards of a secure data system.

4. Improves your service

Now your credibility is boosted, you’ll also have much higher buyer satisfaction when you secure your clients. ISO 27001 makes experts out of you and your team, sharing knowledge that they may have not known before. As a result, your services will demonstrate consistency in their delivery, improving the quality of your product or service which leads to high rates of customer retention.

Gaining your ISO 27001 educates your employees and provides thorough documentation surrounding sound data security. From this, you’ll implement systems and processes into the core of your operations which will protect you from digital threats.

Want to find out more about how ISO 27001 can help your business? Download the free guide.

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