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Why internal auditor training is essential for your business’s integrity

June 12th, 2023 By Amywright

What defines business integrity? Some may consider a business with integrity as having good morals and principles. Others may attribute transparency or good practice to the term. Whatever your definition, investing in internal auditor training is essential to achieving a higher degree of integrity, which outwardly affects your stakeholders’ and customers; perceptions of your business. Auditors provide the basis for reliance on their judgement through trust and expertise, so applicable organisations should invest in their professional development. This blog outlines how the role affects the integrity of a business.

Why is internal auditor training important?

Internal auditing is essential to governance, risk management, and internal control processes. Up-to-date training enhances an auditor’s ability to identify weaknesses and risks while ensuring compliance with laws and ethical standards. An internal auditor’s wide breadth of covered areas encompasses all areas of business integrity and more, and training helps them develop their skills, paying off for them and your business – a mutually beneficial undertaking.

Key skills and knowledge areas

It’s no secret that an internal auditor’s skillset must be multifaceted, and a good, well-trained internal auditor will immerse themselves in an organisation’s intricacies to fully understand each process. Training promotes personal development and business integrity by safeguarding ethical practices, implementing new ones, and providing reform in all business areas.

Independence, integrity, objectivity, and confidentiality are just a handful of principles an internal auditor should abide by. They must also be meticulous in their documentation process, weaving together facts, observations, and evidence to create a comprehensive picture of an organisation’s operations. With risk assessment being such an expansive area, auditors must display the competence and expertise necessary to enhance the business’s integrity.

Competent auditors are active listeners who eloquently communicate their findings, help simplify complex processes, and detail possible improvements. Their cooperation with stakeholders can promote a culture of openness and transparency, ultimately influencing business clarity.

Compliance with standards and laws indicates business integrity; it signifies an unwavering dedication to operating within the boundaries of ethical conduct and regulatory frameworks such as ISO certification. Businesses can demonstrate conscientiousness in upholding the principles that inform their operations, and up-to-date internal auditor training plays a huge role.

Enhancing business integrity through internal auditor training

How much does integrity truly matter for a business?

Businesses that consistently uphold fair, ethical practices often have a reputation for integrity among their stakeholders. This positive perception can increase sales, enhance reputation, and satisfy customers. It matters immeasurably because of its ability to improve everyday performance on all fronts

Internal auditor training is crucial in achieving integrity because well-trained auditors identify weaknesses in moral characters and general day-to-day operations. By equipping auditors with the necessary knowledge and skills, organisations can empower them to assess and address vulnerabilities and suggest areas for improvement. Equally importantly, it means your business can achieve long-term success and sustainability – building integrity is a lengthy process that demands effort, commitment, and a systematic approach.

Business integrity and internal auditor training directly correlate, resulting in better stakeholder perception and enhanced practical implementation. By investing in comprehensive internal auditor training programmes, businesses can provide their auditors with the means to identify risks, ensure compliance, and promote a culture of integrity throughout the organisation. When this culture is formed, it positively impacts stakeholders’ perceptions of your business, reflecting your commitment to ethical practices and engendering trust.

I’m interested in internal auditor training

IMSM understands business integrity’s pivotal role in establishing trust, gaining a competitive edge, and guaranteeing long-term success. Whether working toward ISO certification, compliance with industry standards, tightening your risk management, or investing in your internal auditor’s training is investing in your business.

If you’re interested in internal auditor training with IMSM, get in touch with our team today to begin your ISO journey.

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