ASAP Compressors

BY James Slade ON November 2, 2015.

This national leader specializes in the remanufacture of air conditioning and refrigeration compressors. Initially a salesonly firm, the desire to control and improve product quality led to the company opening its own remanufacturing facility and today has a presence in Baltimore and Providence Forge.

Despite the economic downturn, the company has managed to maintain sales by offering its customers better quality products and a consistently high-level service. At first, ASAP was put off pursuing ISO 9001 certification because of the costs involved. Arthur Smith, President for the Baltimore company, was involved with the decision process to move forward: “… the IMSM Consultant presented the program during our convention, and he priced the certification process where we felt we could afford to embark on it”.

Convinced of its worth, Arthur was pleasantly surprised with how straightforward the process was: “It wasn’t very difficult, and the IMSM advisors were a big help walking us through the procedures”.

Arthur believes the program imposes a more systematic and deliberate approach that yields results: “Knowing that we will have someone looking over our shoulder, so to speak, causes us to try and stay on top of things that may otherwise be pushed aside due to the pressures of just getting the job done”.