Top tips for data security

BY andrewb ON 14th November 2013.

dataCustomer information is like gold dust: kept secure it has great value, leaked and a company’s reputation can be ruined forever.

Top tips for securing data:

Security audit: conducting security audits is very important as these will help in assessing risk, so you can take necessary steps to secure data which needs to be protected. It’s important to conduct the audit of your computers, servers, networks and the entire IT infrastructure and other gadgets used, such as tablets or mobile phones. This is important to prevent hackers from hacking your network.

Back up: it is very important to have regular back up, and test the data once you have backed up.

Password: using an operating system that has higher security levels will always help, however every USER ID needs a very strong password which cannot be hacked, by using a combination of dictionary words and numbers. Remember to change your password regularly.

Security procedures and policies: ask your employees to be careful about the security, and to ensure they have policies and procedures in place which makes it compulsory for everyone to follow.

Update software: it is very important to keep updating software, especially anti-virus software that helps in data security. Check for updates regularly.

Regular maintenance: regularly checking hard drives and hard disks will ensure that they are well maintained. Remember to perform a disk scanning programme and any other scans needed as this will ensure the system runs at a top speed.

Having ISO 27001: 2013 will help to protect information and data security.

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