5 Simple Steps to ISO Certification

BY Rebecca Randles ON 2nd September 2016.

Whether it’s ISO 9001, 27001, 14001 or ISO 22000 – we know that each and every business has a specific need, which is why IMSM provide your business with the best advice and assessment. We offer a service which promises you the best ISO certification to enhance your specific industry sector, as long as you follow the correct procedures.

Designed to build repute, in a selection of industries (ranging from manufacturers to the less industrial likes of the IT communications industry), IMSM are the number one ISO specialists providing certification for both small and large businesses.

So what are the 5 simple steps which will gain your business ISO certification?

Firstly, you must ask yourself what success looks like to your business, answering the following questions to determine your specific business objectives: ‘what does my business want to achieve?’ and ‘how does my business define success?’ Once this initial step has been taken, we can examine and outline the key activities of your business against your customer’s requirements, creating solid delivery dates and reasonable outcomes for your company.

Step 2 – it’s time to assess and document your business’ procedures and systems in order to deliver a consistent, quality service. One of the IMSM assessor’s will compare your existing procedures against the ISO standard to confirm that you are ready to gain the specific ISO certification. The assessor will help you to create a manual specifically for your business, which will help you progress as time passes.

This leads nicely on to step 3 – staff training. Senior management must ensure that staff are trained to the highest standard. IMSM often assist by creating tailor-made training programmes for individual businesses. Training staff provides the long term assurance that the ISO standard is not a one-off thing, it’s a long term business investment and improvement. It’s all about employee development and drawing staff focus.

Now that the key processes are in place and your staff are trained to the highest level, the next step involves external audit. Your IMSM assessor will submit your business to the third party certifier which is most suited to your company. Helping you along the way, IMSM will strive to assure you ISO certification once you have followed these assessment and improvement steps.

Once your application has been approved, you can boast about your ISO certification to existing and prospective clients – proving that you are a reputable, driven and, most importantly, successful, business.

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