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Studies show that well-trained personnel can have a positive impact on the success of any business in terms of both efficiency and profitability. We offer multiple comprehensive training sessions to ensure that your ISO Standard is administered and maintained to the highest level, safeguarding your management system and protecting your original investment.

ISO Management System Awareness Training:

This is a general outline of the training regimen that will ensure the management and staff of an ISO certified company understand their ISO Management System and can operate it effectively and efficiently. Depending on the experience of the delegates, each area may be discussed in-depth, reviewed more briefly or omitted altogether.

  • Part I – Understand – Implement – Manage – Maintain
  • Part II – Requirements
  • Part III – How to Maximize the Value of ISO

ISO Internal Auditor Training:

Internal auditing is a fundamental requirement when maintaining an ISO system. Ensuring compliance and investing in continual improvement ensures your company moves beyond compliance.

Our Internal Auditing Training Course is designed for employees at all levels within your company who are responsible for people and processes, as well as those who wish to become Internal Auditors. Our course will enable your staff to plan and prepare your organisation for internal audits.

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