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6 key benefits of ISO 17025 for your business

June 24th, 2020 By

ISO 17025 is the international standard for laboratory competence. It’s recommended that all laboratories that undertake testing, sampling or calibration work towards receiving the accreditation, in order to install trust and demonstrate reliability amongst customers.

To understand why the accreditation is so beneficial for your business, we’ve put together a list of its greatest advantages.

What are the benefits of 17025 for your business?

1. Boost your reputation

The ISO 17025 is a nationally, and internationally, recognised standard. The accreditation is very highly regarded among scientific circles, as it is an extremely specific accreditation, relevant only to technical competence in laboratory environments. The standard, therefore, affords organisations more credibility, and demonstrates the reliability of their testing, measurement, and calibration to customers, competitors and stakeholders alike. Not only is it a formal recognition of laboratories, it’s also a demonstration of the laboratory’s commitment to a secure and established quality system.

2. Compliance assurance

The ISO 17025 accreditation is available to all laboratories, regardless of its size or the headcount of its personnel. Gaining it, therefore, is a fantastic way for all organisations to ensure that they remain in line with regulatory requirements and legislation. It clearly evidences adherence to safety requirements, which thereby satisfies authoritative bodies as well as customers and clients.

3. Performance guideline

Yet, gaining the ISO 17025 accreditation is not an easy task, and for good reason. It’s to be aspired to, as well as upheld. Consistent reviewal of the standard means that laboratories must remain at the top of their game, and ensure continued competency and data quality. In this way, clients, stakeholders and employees themselves can be sure that the data produced in the laboratory is accurate and reliable, thereby further evidencing the quality and expertise of the organisation.

4. Increase in business

With a better brand image in tow, assured compliance, and guidelines to ensure greater organisational performance, you’re sure to increase your client pipeline. Clients can rest assured that the process is reliable and conducted in the correct manner. The ISO 17025 therefore also gives you an advantage over the competition, as well as tendering opportunities internationally, due to its global recognition.

5. Save time and money

While the accreditation can be seen as costly to undertake, this is significantly outweighed by its time and cost-saving benefits. Not only does it eliminate the need to retest products, there is also no longer any requirement for supplier audits by independent parties.

6. Greater efficiency

Similarly, following the guidelines of the standard is a great way to increase operational efficiency, and productivity. With the ability to continually evaluate staff procedures, methods and equipment, you can make sure that your laboratory’s process is producing the most accurate results, in the most efficient way. By setting out clearly defined staff roles and greater accountability, as well as closely following the standard’s procedures, you can be sure of a more reliable laboratory environment.

The ISO 17025 standard is a great way to showcase laboratory competence, as well as uphold high standards in your organisation. Want to know more about acquiring the ISO 17025 accreditation? Get in touch with one of the team at IMSM to discuss your specific requirements.


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