Management System Maintenance

If you feel you need additional assistance with your ISO management system, IMSM has several ways we can help.

System Analysis: Our Consultant will analyse your management system using information supplied. They will provide you with a report based on their findings having reviewed the following documentation:

  • ­ Non-conformance Report: Investigation Review; Root Route Cause Analysis; Trend Analysis
  • ­ Customer Satisfaction Survey: Review and Analysis of Results
  • ­ Supplier Selection/Evaluation Reports: Review and Analysis of Results
  • ­ Training Records: Maintenance of Staff Training Records (including Training Matrix if provided); ensure Management System induction training
  • ­ Document Control: Amend Management System documentation as necessary; maintain amendment records; ensure authorisation from the Client on new and amended documentation

This full system analysis will enable an organisation to stay on track and means that important staff resources can be focused on the most appropriate areas of the business to ensure continued improvement.

Internal Audits: It is a requirement of every ISO management system to conduct internal audits at planned intervals; having IMSM carry these out for you means that you are complying with the requirement of the standard.

This helps to:

  • Reduce internal staffing pressure
  • Ensuring best practice with a qualified assessor carrying out the audit
  • Have a structured time frame for audits ensuring processes are always improving, that they stay up to date and insights are gathered to gain competitive insights sooner.

Chair Management Review Meeting: Gain the valuable asset of a chair in a management review meeting. Having our consultant chair your management review meeting will allow IMSM to offer guidance on each topic under review. This will ensure that actions are allocated to the correct staff and follow-up requirements set for the period ahead.

Upon completion you will receive:

  • Minuted report of the meeting
  • Management System Objectives – agreed and documented
  • Management System Policy – reviewed and authorised by Top Management

Full System Maintenance: This covers System Analysis, Internal Audits and Chair Management Review Meeting. Having the Full System Maintenance package covers all aspects of the maintenance and improvement of your ISO management system. You can rest easy knowing your investment into this system is reaping the benefits and rewards needed in a competitive business environment.


Pre-Audit Visit: This audit would take place prior to the full system audit undertaken by your chosen Certification Body. It would highlight areas in which an organisation may be non-compliant to their own requirements or those of the ISO management system standard. IMSM will provide a report outlining the actions that may need to be done prior to the certification or surveillance audit to meet requirements.

  • Have a qualified assessor review your business processes with experience on non-conformances and certification requirements
  • Have a last check prior to certification to ensure that all processes are up to date.



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