The Treedom Initiative

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IMSM Supporting the Trees

We are proud to announce our partnership with Treedom to help make the world a greener and better place for everyone.

Together with Treedom, IMSM has created a forest by planting over 500 trees. This forest, like ISO standards, is for the betterment of the planet and people. Therefore, we are gifting those clients investing in the environment by implementing an ISO 14001 or ISO 50001 management system, a new tree in our forest. These trees will capture carbon and produce a sustainable food source for the farmers and their families.

We hope our forest will be a reminder of this commitment to the planet and our continuing responsibility to protect it.

A nation that destroys its soils, destroys itself. Forests are the lungs of our land, purifying the air and giving fresh strength to our people“.
– Franklin D. Roosevelt.

IMSMs ISO initiative

Each tree in our forest tells an ongoing story of value and quality to the farmers who cultivate them. Click here to see our IMSM forest!

Investing in an ISO 14001 environmental management system or ISO 50001 energy management system is an investment in improving our planet. We encourage companies who chose to take this step to reduce waste, costs, and risks while supporting the environment in the process. Therefore, we are gifting one of our IMSM trees to each company that invests in either an ISO 14001 or ISO 50001 as a way to celebrate their decision by giving back and helping the planet.

Watch your tree continually improve while your company does the same, reaching towards larger goals while delivering quality to people and the planet. Learn more about our efforts to reduce carbon and empower farmers through our partnership with Treedom.

What are the business benefits?

  • Improve your company recognition and media profile
  • Increase your reputation as a responsible business, setting yourself apart from competitors, helping your business to grow
  • Align your company with a visionary international project, with impressive green credentials

How will it work?

  • Upon completing your ISO 14001 or ISO 50001 project with IMSM, you will receive a code for your unique tree. This will allow you to claim your very own tree and set up a profile in which to view it
  • From day one, you’ll be able to see the exact species and GPS location of your tree, as well as an estimate of its expected carbon capture
  • The local Treedom team will then post regular updates on the tree’s progress, including photograph of the sapling
  • For more information in ISO 14001 or ISO 50001 and how together we can help your business become ‘green’, contact IMSM today for an informal meeting with your local IMSM area manager

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