NEW ISO standards to make Airports ‘plane and simple’

BY Olivia Franklin ON June 11, 2017.

Air travel has increased in popularity, so has the demand for improved infrastructure aimed at dealing with the overwhelming ‘boom’ that airports have been facing.

With disparity in how the Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) guidelines are executed, airports have been undergoing ‘operational difficulties.’

Operations workforces at airports are subject to different standard systems in areas such as aircraft maintenance and check in points.

Those working in the same organization have been subject to different standards, systems and safety principles.

The newly formed subcommittee SC17, Airport Infrastructure, within, ISO technical committee ISO/TC 20, space and aircraft vehicles, is predicted to give a well-defined understanding of the issues. The end result will be the development of International Standards for airport infrastructure.

ISO/TC20 is an ISO committee that sets consistent standards for airports. These measures will affect but are not limited to grooving of take off lanes and Asphaltic ecologic paving.

Wilson N. Felder, SC17 Sub-committee Chairman said, “from the ISO/TS 20/SC 17 point of view, the main objective needs to be ‘not an attempt to do too much too soon.’ We need to understand where the greatest advantage in standardization may be and focus on that.”