IMSM Oregon

Local ISO Certification Specialists in Oregon

Oregon is bursting with a vibrant range of business. Oregon’s proudest business has always been herding and dairy, but the state also has 30 million acres of forest with thriving logging and timber companies. The rivers running through the state provide plenty of dam power, but also give Oregon a massive salmon-fishing industry. Oregon is a truly green state, providing hydroelectric power to neighbours California and Washington!

IMSM Oregon is dedicated to boosting local business. We can help you, if you’re a fishing business near Newport, looking to get a BS OHSAS 18001 in Occupational Health and Safety to guarantee the safety of your workers. Or maybe you’re family-run timber company, operating along I5. IMSM’s Oregon team can help you get your ISO 9001 to give you and your clients peace of mind. Get in touch with us today!

Sam Whiting
US Director, working in California and across the US


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