IMSM Louisiana

Local ISO Certification Specialists in Louisiana

Here in the Creole state we bring a lot of flavour. Famous for our crawfish, we supply the world with tasty goods, from seafood to cattle and cane. We’re proud to be ranked the most small business friendly state in America too. We’ve got a flourishing film industry here in ‘Hollywood South’ and we attract tourists from all over the world, because of food, music and culture.

IMSM wants to help Louisiana businesses, and our team of experts can help you benchmark your business against a range of international standards. No matter if you’re a crawfish fisherman in Alexandria, a freight business in the Port of South Louisiana or an attorney in Baton Rouge, we can help your business secure ISO 9001 to showcase your quality management processes. Get in touch with us today to find out more.

Jim Ewing
Local Area Manager for Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi & Texas


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