Patrick Cummins

Patrick Cummins

Name: Patrick Cummins

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Tel: (855) 338 5949

Patrick, the Local Area Manager for North Carolina, has a wealth of knowledge on how international standards can help your business. From experience he has seen how developing good habits and management processes early on can contribute to business success, and the vital role that ISO certification plays in this.  With a wealth of experience in the food industry and working alongside manufacturing companies on ISOs, Patrick particularly enjoys being on the cutting edge of new technologies.

Patrick graduated from the University of Georgia and had a brief term in the US army as an artillery officer and battery commander.  Since then, he has been in sales for several years, working with many fortune 500 companies including RJR, Coke, Pepsi, Planters Lifesavers – selling ingredients including cocoa, sugar, dehydrated vegetables, spices, oils and shortenings from Hunt Wesson.

He currently works with IMSM marketing quality management programs to help new clientele including fabricators, cnc shops, and automobile parts suppliers.

Patrick likes to keep busy outside of work by playing golf – he says that no matter how well you play, you always want to play better! He enjoys chasing perfection, and the challenges that playing a round brings.

Serves North Carolina.