Jim Ewing

Jim Ewing

Name: Jim Ewing

Email Address: JimEwing@imsm.com

Tel: (855) 338 5949

Jim Ewing has been representing IMSM in the Houston area and beyond for nearly 6 years. He has a background in insurance as a senior marketing officer. He is well versed on how to relate to business owners of all sizes.

Jim understands that even though an ISO is international, the key to its successful implementation is to tailor it to meet the individual requirements of each company. After all, every business is different and every ISO certification process is unique.  Specializing in smaller companies with below 50 employees, Jim relates to them with honesty and with integrity, so that they can make decisions on why an ISO program will help grow their business in the long term.

In his spare time Jim is a keen golfer, a game he feels provides the best way to get to know people. He has travelled the world and enjoys visiting new places with his wife and four sons.

Serving Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi & Texas.