Amy Nickels

Amy Nickels

Name: Amy Nickels

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Tel: (855) 338 5949

Amy has been helping companies through the ISO certification process with IMSM since 2009. Prior to this, she was Product Manager for NCR, a Fortune 500 computer hardware, software and electronics company, who completed the ISO certification process with Amy on board. With this experience, Amy knows how the process has changed and developed over the years and has a good understanding both as a client and as a consultant. Amy appreciates the common concerns from clients, especially small businesses, but can comfort them in the fact that certification is not as painful as it seems.

Amy enjoys working with small family run businesses where the dynamics of the company are different to that of a large corporation. They are often on a tight budget and Amy loves to prove that the certification process is often not as costly as expected and that IMSM can stick to a budget without the client facing unexpected expense. Seeing clients learn so much about their business processes is one of the reasons Amy enjoys her job – it’s not all about the piece of paper.  In her spare time, Amy enjoys yoga, the beach and boating.

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