About IMSM

IMSM offer fixed fee, low risk, world class consultation

IMSM. The ISO Specialists You Can Trust

At IMSM, your satisfaction is not a goal we strive to accomplish. It is one we insist on fulfilling. It is our primary focus and drives everything we do.

Who We Are

IMSM is a well established, international organization dedicated to helping your business understand how international standardization enables you to compete in markets nationally and across the world. And we are characterized by a team of experts who are dedicated to providing your business with a low-risk solution to ISO certification.

What We Will Do For Your Business

Our qualified and experienced team will take you through — step by step — how you can improve quality, safety, productivity and efficiency. Whether your company is large or small, private or public, implementing quality management systems across your organization provides invaluable benefits that include:

  • Optimized operations for cost effectiveness
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction by improving and ensuring quality
  • Access to new markets by reducing trade barriers and opening up global markets
  • Increased productivity and competitive advantage
  • Reduced negative impacts on the environment
  • Consistency of internal processes across departments

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Why You Can Rely On Us

We deliver high-quality ISO consultancy services and standards to organizations of all sizes and from all sectors internationally. That is our mission.

We seek to be recognized as a first choice, cost-effective provider of high-quality ISO services and advice internationally. Our work ethic promotes customer loyalty while continuing to support IMSM’s growth and sustainability.

Our values guide us through everything we do and each service we provide.

  • We are helpful and courteous to customers and our team is dedicated to
    delivering excellent service.
  • We strive for a culture of continuous improvement reviewing and improving
    our work to add value.
  • We are environmentally aware and minimise our adverse impact on global
  • We constructively review client and staff feedback in order to strive to reach our full potential and consistently deliver excellent service.
  • Our staff are encouraged to be open and honest, empowered and developed
    to allow everyone to meet their full potential.
  • We are committed to excellence through the systematic and disciplined management of our operations.

In today’s competitive marketplace, the bottom line is simple: consumers demand products and services from companies committed to safety, reliability and above all, quality. IMSM are leading ISO specialists who will guide you through an ISO-certification process that is simple, streamlined and flexible. See how IMSM will help bolster your reputation.

Where We Started

Since 1994, we have been serving an international client base, across six continents and operating in 18 different countries. We develop business relationships built on integrity and quality and ensure our team is up to speed on all standards and quality-management processes. IMSM is a recognized industry leader and was awarded the highest Recognized for Excellence award, Five Star, in 2015 by EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management). This is an international acknowledgment of excellence and quality, and a demonstration of our ongoing commitment to deliver first-class ISO consultation services to each business we serve.

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