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Elevate Your Reputation with ISO Certification. IMSM Can Help.

In today’s competitive marketplace, it has never been more important to demonstrate your company’s commitment to safety, reliability and above all, quality. One way to do achieve this is by implementing ISO standards. And a great place to start is right here, with IMSM.

ISO (International Organization for Standardization) certification is designed to enable you to improve the way your organization operates. Whether your company is large or small, private or public, implementing a quality management system across your organization provides invaluable benefits that include:

  • Optimized operations for cost effectiveness
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction by improving and ensuring quality
  • Access to new markets by reducing trade barriers and opening up global markets
  • Increased productivity and competitive advantage
  • Reduced negative impacts on the environment
  • Consistency of internal processes across departments

“We looked at a few companies before deciding on IMSM, we finally decided on them because of the fact that it has a complete package, which just made things so much easier to work out.”
Rob Ruehle, Vice President of Sales, Liquid 8 Technology Incorporated

IMSM makes ISO certification easy. Our team of experts will guide you through an ISO certification process that is simple, streamlined and flexible. Learn more about what ISO standards can do for your company today.

The IMSM Approach That’s Built Around Your Business

IMSM will help your company attain ISO certification through a key set of principles aimed at creating balance and sustained results. The IMSM full-implementation approach includes:

  • A fixed fee for your organization’s ISO implementation that’s established on day one. There are no hidden charges or unexpected invoices
  • Flexible ISO implementation designed to fit around your business needs and schedule
  • Assurance that the consultant assigned to your business will be the same throughout the ISO implementation process to maintain continuity and consistency
  • Improving your company’s existing systems by building the ISO implementation framework around them

“There are a lot of companies out there that offer certification services, but what I found attractive about IMSM was its fixed fee policy. There were several other competitors that I looked at but they planned to have people come in and charge us for hotel rooms and airport travel, etc. IMSM’s fixed fee policy was much more appealing.” Apollo Displays was also impressed with the fact that IMSM has local assessors and didn’t need to fly representatives in: “It was great to know that if we needed to communicate or touch base on something, our rep could easily stop by.”
Gordon Newman, Quality Manager, Apollo Display Technologies Corporation

To explore the IMSM approach and discuss how it can meet your company’s needs, contact IMSM today.

Perhaps the best reason to seek certification is to improve your company operations. Read how ISO certification and IMSM’s process has helped the following companies do just that.

The West Wireless Health Institute, a leading provider of affordable healthcare solutions, understood obtaining ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certification was a priority since it deals with confidential medical records. IT Director Charles Benson explained that the ISO certifications were the best way to ensure they were conforming to everything. They reduced risk and gave them the assurance that they can defend themselves in legal action. Charles said the certification process was relatively simple and he was impressed with the dedication and attention to IMSM staff. “We had good level settings with IMSM, we felt like we were their only client at the time,” he said.

Innovative Engineering Solutions is a full-service engineering company that works directly for companies that include Boeing, Lockheed Martin and NASA. The company became ISO 9001 certified because customers began to request and demand the ISO stamp of approval as the company expanded. David believes the ISO is going to have a big impact on the company’s internal processes. “We’re already seeing that the ISO is providing us with much-needed consistency,” he said.

For more on how IMSM’s ISO certification can help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your company’s operations, contact IMSM today.


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