ISO 45001

The new occupational health and safety standard, replacing 18001.

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ISO 45001- Occupational Health and Safety

ISO 45001 replaces/supersedes the British standard 18001. The occupational health and safety standard is good for your organisation’s well-being and provides a framework for managing health and safety responsibilities.

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What is ISO 45001?

ISO 45001 enables organisations to manage and improve their health and safety risks and performance.

This occupational health and safety management system incorporates core organisation processes and provides the opportunity for senior management to be more involved. It also stresses the need for worker participation in the functioning of an occupational health and safety management system.

What are the benefits of ISO 45001?

ISO 45001 ensures your organisation has a management system in place to reduce health and safety risks within the workplace – protecting workers from potential harm and increasing profitability at the same time. Other benefits of ISO 45001 include:

  • Reduced overall costs of incidents
  • Reduced risk in downtime and the costs of disruption to operations
  • Reduced cost of insurance premiums
  • Reduced absences and employee turnover rate
  • Improved ability to respond to legal and compliance requirements
  • Recognition for achieving an international benchmark

Steps to getting ISO 45001 certified

Working towards ISO 45001 certification with IMSM is a trouble-free, step-by-step approach.

  1. Initial consultation
    We help you outline your goals, focusing on what your business wants to achieve and how it defines success, particularly in relation to your client’s requirements. You and your ISO consultants will agree on reasonable outcomes and delivery dates.
  2. Producing your organisation’s ISO 45001 manual system documentation
    Next, the IMSM consultant will audit your existing procedures and help you document the new systems that will help deliver success – both existing and how you will improve these. The manual system documentation sets out how your business should operate going forward so that it can deliver ISO 45001.
    You will be able to view the manual system documentation, along with most other relevant documentation, on our client portal IMSMLoop. It offers a comprehensive insight into the progress of your ISO implementation, along with copies of the relevant audit reports, certifications, and any necessary corrective actions. The portal serves as a central hub for tracking your ISO journey.
  3. Training you to adopt the ISO 45001 framework
    While the manual is a vital document moving forward, it is even more important that it gets put to practical use. We work with the senior management team to ensure the framework is embedded throughout your organisation. We can also develop and deliver tailored training for staff to ensure that the understanding and implementation of ISO 45001 is watertight. This will create consistency across your organisation, transforming your business from day one so it is optimised for efficiency, continual improvement, and greater profitability.
  4. Submission to a third-party external auditor
    Before you can be awarded the ISO 45001 certification, your organisation applies to the third-party certifying body that you have selected to conduct your audit. This audit objectively determines whether your business conforms to ISO 45001, and the relevant accompanying documentation is accessible through our client portal, IMSMLoop.

As we have provided excellent support and guidance to your business every step of the way, you can rest assured that your ISO 45001 certification will be successful.

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Simple: We make it simple. Since 1994, we’ve been helping businesses achieve ISO certification and have over 150 experts worldwide. With 15,000+ clients trusting us to implement their ISOs, we have proven to be experts capable of handling the logistical heavy lifting, saving your company precious time. With a transparent fixed fee, flexible approach, and real-time access to updates, documentation, and an array of other features through IMSMLoop, we work with your organisation to make ISO 45001 implementation as straightforward and beneficial as possible.

We strive to do this with our:

– World-class gap analysis
– Experienced and diverse ISO consultants
– Regular updates, provided through IMSMLoop
– Flexible terms and contract
– Fixed fee
– Full implementation

How can ISO specialists help your business?

Getting started with ISO 45001 certification might seem daunting; this is often the reason why businesses enlist the help of an ISO consultant. For thirty years, we’ve supported and guided organisations like yours through certification. Our experienced consultants take the lead on auditing your business, helping you use the results to enhance your quality management system. If necessary, there is also plenty of room for training.


  1. How can IMSM help my business gain ISO 45001?
    We work alongside your existing health and safety professionals to work out the most effective way to implement ISO 45001 in your business. This may include presentations to your senior team, training and support on the production of policies and manuals.
  2. How does my business gain ISO 45001 certification? 
    Generally, organisations start their ISO journey with ISO 9001, as this puts in place quality management procedures that can be extended and developed to include health and safety.

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This standard contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals:

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For a free Quotation or On-Site presentation by an ISO Specialist, contact us today!

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