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ISO Aftercare

What are IMSM’s Managed Support Services?

Managed Support Services from IMSM are a preferred means to ensuring your organization achieves your objectives and builds a company culture focused on continually improving performance and quality.

If you are not focused on quality, someone else will be.

Business problems arise, and your quality system can slip. We know organizations that are facing challenges in maintaining their management system requirements. ISO brings several benefits to your company; however, you must continually support your management system to sustain those benefits and meet compliance requirements.

Many of our customers and small businesses we speak with daily, express their difficulty and concerns finding and retaining qualified people. Companies need to have someone perform quality management duties to fully implement and maintain the goals set out by ISO.

Achieving ISO certification is a milestone for any company, but investing in your systems doesn’t stop after implementation. Therefore IMSM has created our managed support services, which allows you to lean on the experts to get the most out of your ISO system. Optimize your ISO today.

The high cost of quality supervision

  • Fixed costs of fulltime resources
  • Inexperienced resources (retraining of admin staff, questionable aptitude)
  • Business fluctuation – Uncertainty in sustainable demand

Shortages of experienced staff

  • Increasing dependency on a few key employees, burnout and mediocre performance
  • Quality demands the involvement and time of your scarcest resource, your best people, due to high visibility and risk
  • Ability to attract and keep employees with competitive compensation

Competitive pressure

  • Customer expectations and satisfaction
  • Market differentiation
  • Global competitors
  • Unexpected larger competitors reaching into their market

Business solution

IMSM is uniquely positioned to help small businesses with these modern-day quality management challenges by offering experienced ISO operational resources to help a company manage its quality systems. Our IMSM team of consultants are highly trained, operationally skilled and worthy of helping our clients achieve superior operational performance.

Who better than a dedicated independent team of highly trained specialists to ensure that goals are being met, or exceeded? Especially since quality is so fundamental to the customer and bottom-line success. It is time-consuming and expensive to develop all the skills you need in this area and deal with constant turnover – as people move through their careers. IMSM provides consistency, expertise, third party objectivity and zero hassles – at a fixed fee. If you need someone to perform quality management duties to ensure you’re achieving your goals set out by implementing ISO, why not let the experts help?


IMSM Managed Support Services

ISO Aftercare

Full System Maintenance:  icon

Full System Maintenance:

Includes a system analysis
Internal audit and
Chair management review meeting

System Analysis:  icon

System Analysis:

Our consultant will analyse your management system using the information supplied

Chair Management Review Meeting:  icon

Chair Management Review Meeting:

Having our consultant chair your management review meeting will allow IMSM to offer guidance on each topic under review

Audits: icon


Internal audits
Pre-audit assessments

Training:  icon


Awareness training
Internal auditor training

Let IMSM help:

ISO certification kept simple

“Quality is created by the people performing the function…” -Ron Atkinson


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For a free Quotation or On-Site presentation by an ISO Specialist, contact us today!

IMSM Inc USA Headquarters
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18th Floor,
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Contact Us

For a free Quotation or On-Site presentation by an ISO Specialist, contact us today!

IMSM Inc USA Headquarters
515 S. Flower Street,
18th Floor,
Los Angeles, CA 90071

Tel: 833 237 4676