Standards providing a bridge of trust

BY Olivia Franklin ON August 22, 2016.


Standards help bridge the relationship between business and consumer.  An international standard is a trusted symbol of quality and shows you are taking a leading, innovative and proactive approach to the industry you work in. Becoming certified can be the start of a lifelong journey towards solutions that will meet mutual expectations – productivity, performance and quality of life.

Fadilah Baharin, CEO of Department of Standards Malaysia, highlights how ISO standards serve as a benchmark by which customers, potential business partners and employees evaluate you and your business.

“I believe standards instil trust. Standards are no longer about product differentiation but about creating a uniform experience that gives your customers confidence in your products and services. The differentiation and marketing edge now lies in how successfully your brand or organization has been able to build and nurture consumer relationships that are sustainable, solely by promising the same ‘quality’ and ‘experience’ every single time.”

According to the 2016 Edelman Trust Barometer, the reason trust in business has increased is due to companies producing economic growth, contributing to the greater good and allowing people to be productive members of society.

With that in mind, ISO certification will ensure new and existing clients trust your products and services even more. If you’re thinking about becoming ISO certified or want to discover more about the ISOs we offer please contact us today: