ISO14001 – Anticipated Changes

BY Reno ON September 18, 2014.

The main changes in the new draft show a greater focus on risk management and a shift towards improving environmental performance rather than the management system itself.

The main proposed changes are:

The EMS standard is being revised in line with a new high-level structure for all management system standards adopted by ISO, Annex SL

Understanding the organization’s strategic context and engagement with interested parties

More emphasis made on Top Management within the organization to promote environmental management

Greater focus on environmental performance improvement

Evaluating organizational risks and opportunities in the context of external environmental conditions

Strengthening requirements on the involvement of top management and integration of environmental management into core business processes and alignment with business strategy

Greater clarity on external communication

Additional commitments in the environmental policy specific to the organization in respect of protection of the environment

Planning to achieve objectives with more detailed and specific programmes

A requirements to evaluate the effectiveness of actions taken to acquire competence

Maintain knowledge of the organization’s compliance status

Consider the lifecycle perspective when identifying environmental aspects, procurement requirements, design, development, delivery, use and end of life status