ISO14001 2015 Draft

BY Reno ON July 29, 2014.


Like all ISO standards, ISO 14001 is reviewed every five years to ensure it is relevant and up-to-date. By  moving to the DIS stage, the new draft version is now open to public comment as well as purchase, giving you not only a preview of the changes, but allowing you to prepare for when the final standard is published at the end of 2015.

The changes put forward thus far, for the ISO14001 2015 revision are as follows:

Strategic Direction and leadership

–          Stronger links must be made between the EMS and the organization’s overall strategy

(New sections on context and leadership provide the basis of this)

–          Understanding the needs and expectations of interested parties is a new requirement

–          The environmental performance must be considered in the strategic planning process

Risk and Opportunities

–          Traditionally, the focus was on how a company manages environmental impacts

–          The risks and opportunities section of ISO14001 has been completely revised

Value Change and Compliance

–          Greater emphasis on managing impacts across the lifecycle of products/services

–          Environmental requirements must be specified for the procurement of goods/services and integrated into design and development change programmes

Communication and Capacity

–          The most significant change is the requirement for an organization to ensure the quality and credibility of the environmental information it communicates

–          Internal process should enhance reliability of externally reported performance data

Further amendments are possible, with the final standard being released at the end of 2015.