Cyber-attacks set to escalate…protect your systems with ISO 27001

BY Olivia Franklin ON May 15, 2017.

A cyber-attack  hit over 150 countries this month causing chaos across the globe. The attack has highlighted the need to protect sensitive data systems.

The WannaCry ransomware, which locks computer systems and demands $300 (£230) in Bitcoin, hit over 200,000 computers and the impact continued to be felt.

One in five NHS Trusts was hit by the “Wannacry” attack. Previously planned operations had been cancelled at several major hospitals, with patients facing disruption to their treatment because computers used to share patients’ test results and scans with remain frozen.

In a statement, Microsoft President Brad Smith said, “The governments of the world should treat this attack as a wake-up call.”

ISO 27001 helps organizations to treat data security seriously, putting in systems and processes to guard against the risk of security breaches or misuse of data. It works with your business and the kind of data it holds, whether that is bank account details, staff records, passwords, or confidential client information.

Data is one of the most valuable assets any business has today. Our dependence on information systems and services means organizations are more vulnerable to security threats than ever before.

Now is the time to take cyber security seriously and protect your systems with ISO 27001. IMSM can help you to protect your data today.