IMSM Texas

Local ISO Certification Specialists in Texas

The Texan economy may be inextricably linked to the oil industry in many people’s minds, but they would be wrong; industry in the Lone Star state is diverse and adaptable. Through aeronautics, defence, IT, oil and alternative energies we have built an economy that is one of the strongest in the world, powered by the tough, pioneering Texan spirit.

International standards may not necessarily seem relevant, but for many businesses ISO 9001 has opened doors to new business opportunities. It shows a commitment to quality and to management systems that ensure that quality day after day.

The IMSM Texas team are committed to helping your business show its core competence. Whether you are a supplier to the aeronautics industry and need AS9100, or part of the alternative energies supply chain and want ISO14001 to showcase your sustainability credentials, advice from our experienced assessors can put you on track. Contact us today to find out more.

Jim Ewing
Local Area Manager for Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi & Texas
Steve Hoff
Local Area Manager for Texas, Kansas and Oklahoma


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