IMSM Indiana

Local ISO Certification Specialists in Indiana

Known as the ‘Crossroads,’ Indiana is a solid force in America’s economy. We’ve got a booming steel industry, our Calumet region leads the nation in steel production. One of the main reasons we’re doing so well is the high skills of the local workforce. We are proud hosts to some big pharmaceutical corporations like Eli Lilly and Mead Johnson, who come here because of the hardworking folks to hire.

IMSM Indiana is dedicated to making your business work even better. We have a range of different ISO certifications available, so whether you’re interested in taking your first step in the ISO journey with ISO9001, or are a business that has already got quality management processes in place but wants to go down a more specialist route like ISO 13485 or ISO27001, then we’re here to help. Get in touch today and find out what IMSM can do for you.

Scott Mersch
Local Area Manager for Illinois and across the Midwest


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