Steve Hoff

Steve Hoff

Name: Steve Hoff

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Tel: (855) 338 5949

Steve Hoff, our Local Area Manager for Kansas, Oklahoma and the Dallas area, has an extensive working knowledge of ISO processes.

During the 1990s, the company he was working for went through the ISO 9000 process, giving him an insightful view into how the process works from inside a business. Of course there are a number of differences between then and now, most importantly the modern ISO processes which Steve delivers today are far more geared towards adapting to the best business practices of each individual company.

Steve’s background is technical – he has an MSc in Geochemistry, and has worked in the analytical industry – but his business knowledge is broad. He believes he has a particular affinity for mechanical companies, as his analytical skills are easily transferable to these working processes.

Steve likes to spend his spare time collecting and selling antique and vintage books, and considers himself a history buff. He’s also a keen astronomer, and even has an observatory in his back yard.

Serves Kansas, Oklahoma & Texas.