Paul Wenger

Paul Wenger

Name: Paul Wenger

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Tel: (855) 338 5949

Paul has been with IMSM since 2001 working as the Area Manager for Orange County. Paul uses this extensive knowledge and experience with ISO certification to help organizations see real growth in their business. He’s been successful in business both within the corporate world and on his own. He was President of a company that re-marketed used medical equipment worldwide. While in that position, he thought ISO certification would bring real value and credibility to the company, and began the ISO certification process. “It certainly gave us a marketing advantage which was the original intent, but ISO is inherently about developing best practices and consistency in your organization’s procedures.”

Paul enjoys working hands on with businesses and building a relationship with the business owner, so that he can really understand what an ISO certification could bring to their company. In his spare time, his hobbies are gardening, body surfing, bad golfing, and keeping his 3 tanks of fresh and saltwater tropical fish–hopefully alive.

Serves: California