Manuel Cevallos

Manuel Cevallos

Name: Manuel Cevallos

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Tel: (855) 338 5949

Manuel provides ISO Certification advice to companies is southern Florida. His engineering and entrepreneurial background gives him a good insight into the operational side of a business so he knows exactly what a company needs in terms of their ISO certification.

Quality is a fundamental part of any company’s growth and ISO certification is key to proving such quality. Through IMSM, Manuel helps his clients grow and expand by gaining the ISO certification that is best suited to their business, which is sometimes not the one they think they need. His expertise in both running a company and guiding companies through the certification process means that Manuel can give comfort to his clients during what can seem an unachievable process.

Manuel is a keen inventor, has been a Quality Management leader representing companies such as General Electric & Philip Morris in International Forums.  A problem solver and an innovator. Throughout his entrepreneurial career of more than twenty five years has been involved in product development and manufacturing within the automotive industry; marketing throughout the US, Europe, Asia, Canada and Latin America with emphasis on quality and reliability. He is fluent in English, Spanish & Portuguese.

Serves:  Miami, Dade County & Florida Keys