BY James Slade ON March 24, 2015.

Zero-Max manufacture motion control products and has been in business for around 50 years. Today, Zero-Max employs around 80 staff. Customer demand was the driving force behind the decision for Zero-Max to gain the ISO standard. Zero-Max does a lot of work for the wind turbine industry and in order to carry out this work or even be considered, they had to be ISO certified.

It took Zero-Max 1 year to become certified, Mr. Terry Skjod, Quality Control Manager at Zero-Max describes their ISO journey, “It was a learning process, a lot of the stuff was already in place, it just needed to be documented.” When asked why they chose IMSM to guide them to ISO certification, Mr. Skjod explained, “IMSM stood out to Zero-Max in comparison with other companies that quoted to us, locality to our buildings was a key factor for us also”.

“Quality and performance are key to the business”, Mr. Skjod explains that quality at Zero-Max has definitely improved since first becoming certified. With regards to what having the ISO certification has done for Zero-Max, Mr. Skjod comments “There is constant effort to improve the customer satisfaction and that helps a great deal”.

Zero-Max customers recognize the value of the standard and what it says about Zero-Max; it has been vitally important in the growth of the organization over the past couple of years.

“It has been a good experience, the continual improvement is important.” Mr. Skjod concludes, “It all depends on our customers, if that business changes we may well require more ISO standards in the future.”