Liquid 8 Technology Incorporated

BY James Slade ON March 24, 2015.

Liquid 8 Technology Inc. provides IT liquidation solutions, taking the burden off executives by professionally and responsibly destroying data and mitigating the risk of recycling liability.

Based in Brooklyn, New York, the company was founded in 2000 by IT professionals offering reliable computer liquidation solutions to businesses in the New York tri-state area. Since then, it has expanded the scope of its services throughout North America, Europe and Asia.

Liquid 8 Technology is careful to ensure that it maintains data destruction standards that comply with the Department of Defence and the National Institute of Standards and Technology, and that it has EPA-compliant e-waste disposal and recycling methods.

Rob Ruehle, Vice President of Sales, reveals that the company is keen to deliver only the highest standards of service and responsibility. He says, “We decided to get ISO 14001 Environmental Management certification because it was something that our competitors had. So it was the pressure of wanting to keep up with everyone else that motivated us to apply for it.”

With the exacting standards required by the certification, Rob wanted a consultant that could support them through it. “We looked at a few companies before deciding on IMSM,” he explains. “We finally decided on them because of the fact that it has a complete package, which just made things so much easier to work out.”

Rob and the team at Liquid 8 were also swayed by the IMSM representative they met: “He knew exactly what to do, and he was very efficient about it all. We didn’t have to do so much of the work ourselves because he basically set everything up for us. He did the hard part of creating all the documents. That made it much easier for us than if we had had to start from scratch and write everything ourselves.”

Rob was pleasantly surprised with how the Environmental Management certification enhanced the way the company worked: “Everyone at Liquid 8 is pretty much on the same page but actually having our standards and procedures written down made everyone much more aware of everything that’s set up. Having things documented was helpful, as it supported why we do things the way we do and helped to communicate it clearly.”

Liquid 8 Technology started the certification process in August 2011. Rob says, “It all went pretty smoothly- the whole thing only took a few months. By November, we were ISO 14001 certified!”

Rob believes that the certification has had a strong positive impact on the company’s internal awareness: “People are now more aware of the environmental impact of what we do, and everyone knows the policies and the procedures that we have in place. Having the ISO 14001 certification lets everyone know what’s going on and how it contributes to our effective environmental management.”

Liquid 8 Technology has also found that the ISO 14001 certification has been an effective sales tool: “We operate in a competitive environment. If a company is looking at several different vendors, and we have the ISO certificate when other don’t, it gives us an edge,” Rob says. “It tells people that here’s a company that made an investment and is meeting the highest standard in their environmental performance.”

Rob believes that having the ISO 14001 certification means that people know that they can trust Liquid 8 Technology’s Services. “Such trust is invaluable, and we’re very thankful to IMSM for helping us to develop it.”