Electro Industries Inc

BY James Slade ON March 24, 2015.

Electro Industries, Inc. is a design and manufacturing company producing power meter equipment with commercial and defense applications. The company was founded by Sam Kagan, who invented the first multifunction meter in 1975. The company released one of the world’s first micro-processor based meters in 1981.

For over three decades, Electro Industries has engineered and manufactured power meters with advanced analysis capabilities. Electrical providers worldwide rely on data captured and recorded by its meters to monitor, protect and improve the reliability of electrical power. Its Wi-Fi-based sub-meters also provide superior sub-metering to capture energy and power metering data for energy cost, power costing and tenant billing.

As director of quality at Electro Industries, Ron Palamar is responsible for directing quality initiatives based on ISO9001-2008 standards. Presently, the company is preparing for its ISO 140001 certification, and will receive its verification audit on June 6th.

Electro Industries Inc. first considered acquiring the ISO 140001 Environmental Management certificate after a potential customer requirement. Ron approached the registrar that had helped the company to become ISO 9001 certificated, and it recommended IMSM as a company that could provide expert specialist support in gaining the ISO 14001 qualification.

In March, 2013, Electro Industries updated IMSM about its business procedures. “Our IMSM representative assisted us in completing the processes and procedures forms rather quickly. She was a big help to get us into the flow of things. What was especially beneficial was getting her input on how to apply these requirements to our business. We weren’t so aware of our environmental impact before, and didn’t really understand what areas we could improve in. She gave us some ideas of where we could look and then once we did, we started seeing many areas where we could improve.”

Ron observes, “With IMSM’s help, the certification process took just two months to complete. On our own, it would probably have taken us a year to do.” Already, Electro Industries can see that the ISO 14001 standard will have a positive financial impact on its business. Ron comments, “We are also seeing that there are things that we could have been doing where we could have received rebates. Internally, there were processes of recycling material that no one was really looking at.”

“Once we started, we saw that there were many ways we could recycle and save money. For instance, we were just throwing away empty toner cartridges but then we found there were vendors who would buy these. We’re now also recycling cardboard material. We found we could get results from implementing the environmental requirements that we weren’t getting before.”

The ISO 14001 certification has also led to the implementation of various energy-conservation measures, such as water shut off and light switches in conference rooms. “Going through the certification process has opened our eyes as to how we could operate more effectively. Since then, we’ve been able to look at more of our internal processes and see where we could implement additional changes.”

Ron was impressed by the support offered by IMSM: “The service was incredibly through. Our representative was easy to work with and very professional. It was astounding how fast she was able to get these procedures worked out! And I liked the way that she took time to explain the implementation processes to our executive management team.”

“Overall,” Ron concludes, “working with IMSM was a very good experience for our company. I would recommend them to anyone who is facing similar business circumstances and in need of getting ISO 140001 to meet customer requirements.”