Array Information Technology Inc.

BY James Slade ON March 24, 2015.

Array Information Technology, Inc. (ARRAY) is an information technology solution provider that focuses on the US Federal Government marketplace. Headquartered in Greenbelt, Maryland, ARRAY has key offices in McLean, VA; Dayton, OH; Montgomery, AL; Melbourne, FL; and Emeryville, CA.

ARRAY is a nationally-recognized small business that has received various state and regional awards for its growth achievements, including frequent recognition by Inc. Magazine and Deloitte Technology as one of the fastest growing U.S. businesses. The company is also a Washington Technology Fast 50 awardee. With the capability and leadership of a medium-sized business, the company retains the agility of a small business and is known for its employee-friendly culture and its ability to drive success for its clients through applied innovation.

In recent years, ARRAY has enjoyed a significant growth spurt which expanded the operational and delivery responsibilities from a staffing company to one that managed the delivery of services to clients. It was clear to the company’s leadership that this delivery responsibility required a high level of process maturity and quality to ensure the continuation of best quality services. Mr. Sumeet Shrivastava, President, explains how the company took the decision to acquire ISO certifications, “Many of our senior managers had previous experience with the benefits of adhering to the ISO principles and as such, it was decided that we needed to aggressively move forward with the process implementations for ISO 9001 Quality Management and ISO 27001 Information and Data Security”.

The ISO 27001 is of special importance to ARRAY for a number of reasons. Mr. Shrivastava explains, “As an IT solutions provider to the US National Security and Defence sectors, the whole area of Information Security is at the forefront of the conversation.” With the company’s largest clients being the US Air Force, Homeland Security and the State Department, it is critical that both ARRAY’s internal delivery systems and the solutions it designs and delivers have strong and appropriate in-built controls that consider the threats, vulnerabilities and impacts. ISO 27001 helped the company to provide practices, giving clients the confidence that ARRAY’s support will in no way compromise their mission.

Having been down the path of ISO certification before, ARRAY’s management recognized the importance of hiring a dedicated Quality Director on their side. Mr. Bijan Samanta took the reins in this effort and developed a long-term program to implement the processes required, as well as oversee the training and roll it out across all operations. Some of the keys to success included a ‘project planned’ approach to the implementation, consistent communications with the employee base and significant planned time for advisory services to the managers and employees impacted. These elements, combined with Mr. Samanta’s strong leadership, were vital in helping the company to achieve these milestones.

The other critical link was IMSM, as Mr. Shrivastava explains, “IMSM really made things happen. Having a dedicated owner within ARRAY was an important step, but we also knew that it was critical that we partner with a company that could provide overarching guidance throughout the effort. IMSM provided this support. It is easy to sometimes get lost in the ‘forest’ when embarking on such an ambitious task. IMSM provided the strategic services to ensure we had an executable plan, but also checkpoints along the way to keep us on the right track.”

Array’s leadership is convinced that implementing a comprehensive yet straightforward Quality Management System that is vital to delivering the high level of services that clients’ expect for their mission critical systems. As ARRAY’s clients are either in the National Security or Defence space, the company is always conscious of the need to deliver services on a timely basis, to the highest quality and within the tight budgets.

Mr. Shrivastava concludes, “Without a well built Quality Management System, it becomes hit or miss on whether we achieve those goals. We are confident that we can after having implemented this new Quality Management System. More importantly, our clients can have confidence that we have a delivery system that they can trust when they hire us.”