Anderson Dahlen

BY James Slade ON March 24, 2015.

Anderson Dahlen was established in 1945 and today boasts a work force of 150 employees. Anderson Dahlen are contract manufacturers, they don’t have a product as such. They specialize in the machining, welding, fabricating and assembly of stainless steel. 80% of their business is related to the food processing industry, providing stainless steel equipment.

Anderson Dahlen had looked at the ISO standard for a long time previous to making the decision to become ISO 9001 certified, as there had not been much requirement for it in the past. However, with the growth that Anderson Dahlen has experienced over the years, they now look to work with larger companies. A prerequisite set by these larger companies is to have the ISO standards and as time has progressed, all customers now ask that their suppliers have the ISO standard in place; therefore Anderson Dahlen knew that they had to take steps towards becoming ISO certified.

It took Anderson Dahlen 8 months to become certified, Mr. Steve Head, Business Improvement Director at Anderson Dahlen explains what having the ISO standard has done for them, “It has done a lot of good for us. We had many of the procedures in place; we just didn’t have the documentation or enough consistency in the way that we were operating. So the ISO put it all together for us, gave us a way to keep everything up to date and keep of all our procedures on track.”

Anderson Dahlen are making their standard work for them, by way of advertising the fact they are ISO certified, they have the QAS (certifying body) flag flying outside of their building. Through being more organized internally, they are more efficient and this has helped them to win some larger customers.

“Our IMSM Assessor did a really good job for us, helping us organize what we had here.” Mr. Head continues, “Again we had a lot of these pieces in place, they just weren’t put together, which they helped us to do. We have a system in place now and we continually follow up on everything.”

For Mr. Head, the locality of the IMSM consultant was a real plus for Anderson Dahlen, “To have someone local to us who we could ask questions, get answers and go back and forth easily was a big factor for us.”

“The process went well; IMSM did a great job working with us. We really appreciate how IMSM helped us to organize the company” Mr. Head concludes, “IMSM made it a whole lot easier for us by pointing Anderson Dahlen in the right direction. As far as the program goes, I think it has been a great success for us, to keep Anderson Dahlen by keeping us track, improving the quality here and being able to work with larger customers.”