ISO9001:2015 update clause 5

BY Rebecca Randles ON 27th October 2014.

Clause 5

Leadership and commitment

5.1.1 Leadership and commitment to the quality management system

The draft will require management to demonstrate their leadership, and commitment to the quality management system by taking accountability for the effectiveness of the organisation’s quality management system. They can do this by ensuring that the organisation’s quality policy, quality objectives and commitment is consistent with the organisation’s overall strategic direction.

Top management shall also ensure that the requirements of the quality management system are an integral part of the organisation’s business practises and they should promote awareness of the system throughout their organisation.

5.1.2 Customer focus

Top management are required to take the lead on demonstrating customer commitment to the organisation by ensuring that all applicable statutory, regulatory and customer requirements are identified and achieved while at the same time ensuring that the organisation continues to provide the products and services expected by their customer.

5.2 Quality Policy


Top management are required to establish a quality policy that is in line with the purpose and context of the organisation while at the same time providing a framework for the organisation’s quality objectives and the basis on which the improvements in the quality management system can be achieved.


The policy shall be available as documented information and communicated and understood throughout the organisation and by relevant interested parties.

5.3 Organisational roles, responsibilities and authorities

Top management need to ensure that responsibilities and authorities have been assigned to the relevant individuals to enable them to carry out their duties in line with the requirements of the quality management system.