ISO 27001- Why Bother?

BY reno ON 1st January 2015.

Information Technology develops phenomenally fast, but it’s vital that organisations are able to remain in control and manage their online information effectively to prevent operations from becoming stymied, interrupted or otherwise jeopardised.

The ISO 27001:2013 certification ensures that an organisation’s current information-related procedures are up-to-scratch, and that essential plans are put into place to deal with any future contingencies.

Gaining the updated ISO 27001:2013 certification, which replaces the ISO 27001:2005, not only puts directors’ minds at ease, but also alleviates the potential worries of trading partners, customers and any other stakeholders by providing concrete, internationally-recognised proof that information is being managed in a congruous, efficient and secure fashion.

Although perhaps a daunting prospect, the task of organising and updating information management procedures is well worth it. As well as providing ease of mind, opening up current procedures to independent review ensures that your organisation remains ahead of the curve when it comes to potential threats and keeping up with industry leaders.

ISO 27001:2013 certification:

  • Provides an opportunity to identify and manage risks to key information and systems assets.
  • Acts as a marketing tool, ensuring confidence through international recognition, to trading partners and clients.
  • Allows for an independent review, which in turn provides quality assurances on information security practices.
  • Limits threats to information security.
  • Helps organisations to adopt an approach to information security that meets its particular information security needs on an ongoing basis.