BY Rebecca Randles ON 12th November 2014.

According to research conducted by VISA, 95% of all security data breaches have been hits on small businesses. Not the large-scale organisations, that one might expect!

When you get breached, not only will your business get hit with potentially tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands or maybe even millions in potential fines and losses, but your brand/ name will suffer a huge and damaging hit. Last but not least, you will be compromising your customer’s sensitive personal data.


A couple of things that you can do:

1.       Secure your network with a great firewall.

2.       Never allow open surfing on that network.

3.       Never open emails or click on links on that network.

4.       Never use common passwords (i.e. Birthdays, Street Addresses, Pet Names, etc).

5.       Change passwords on a regular basis.

6.       Ensure that you are utilising the latest technology.

7.       Get a Data Security Specialist (IMSM Auditor) to analyse and audit your system and get a PCI Compliance Certificate.

A few extra steps and minimal investment can go a long way to keeping you and your customers safe and secure.

For more information on ISO27001 -(Information and Data Security for companies particularly concerned with the health and safety of its employees) please contact us.