The Cox Group

BY Rebecca Randles ON 3rd February 2015.

The Cox Group is a multi-disciplined highly-diverse organisation that provides services to collect, manage, sort and recycle waste throughout South East England. Established in 1979, the company has grown tremendously, and today it is made up of three main divisions: Cox Skips, a skip hire; Team Waste Southern Ltd., a multi-collection trade waste service; and The Recycling Partnership Ltd., a waste recyclables collection company.

The Cox Group operates the largest fleet of waste collection vehicles in West Sussex and an important commercial Waste Recycling Centre where over 90% of all waste in the region is collected and segregated for recycling.

The Cox Group decided to obtain three ISO standards in order to ensure that as the company grew, it would remain efficient, responsible and compliant with all current and future legislation. IMSM initially visited the company to implement ISO 9001 Quality Management. To complement this, it subsequently acquired ISO 14001 Environmental Management, and two years on, its Quality Management Systems were further enhanced by obtaining OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety.

The Cox Group used IMSM’s consultancy services to obtain all of these qualifications. Mr. Tony Page, Company Director, observes how IMSM greatly helped the firm to increase the strength of its quality at work systems, “The industry knowledge, experience and un-rivalled assistance that IMSM has offered us to date supported and continually developed our company with each quality system that we operate”.

When obtaining the certifications, Mr. Simon James, Group Operations Manager, and Mr. Stephen Tytherleigh, Group Accountant, took on the respective roles of Health & Safety Representative and Quality Management Representative. Mr. James recently gained an Institution of Safety and Health (IOSH) recognised qualification to further demonstrate the company’s commitment to achieving the highest health and safety standards. He believes that having key players within the group fully committed to the new quality management systems has been critical in the company achieving such a high level of compliance.

Both Mr. James and Mr. Tytherleigh continue to administer, monitor, improve and manage the company’s quality management systems. Mr. James states, “We are proud to demonstrate the sometimes complex amendments made on the annual review with the auditors.”

The Cox Group also placed great importance on staff training to increase understanding of the new systems and to facilitate their integration. Today, they hold quarterly staff meetings, known as QUENSH meetings (QUality, ENvironmental, Safety and Health), for department representatives and management meetings where information is distributed throughout the organisation. The Group is constantly refining the systems’ administration. Currently, quality systems and headings are being amalgamated into a single management meeting covering all of the company’s operational and administrative requirements.

Mr. Jason Taylor, Group Commercial Manager, explains the ISO and OHSAS certifications have had an important impact on business, “Since achieving these quality systems, The Cox Group has been able to secure contracts with a number of large blue chip organisations and local authorities. The content within these Quality Management Systems is above what is required to satisfy clients that we have the ability and experience to carry out service contracts whilst meeting all quality, management, environmental and health and safety objectives.”

Annual external assessments on all the Quality Management Systems are audited competently through thorough investigations by approved consultants on behalf of IMSM. Mr. Tytherleigh comments, “The advice, understanding and support towards the Group’s ongoing systems improvements have proved invaluable in helping us to progress and develop. IMSM strive to offer the same consultants each year which brings a higher level of experience and knowledge to the business operations whilst reducing the repetitive administrative burden that would be involved on initial assessments.”

The Cox Group are grateful to IMSM for their support and professionalism over the past years and look forward to a continuance of an excellent business relationship in the future.


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