Why social media is good for business

BY andrewb ON 25th November 2013.


Being active on social networking sites is no longer optional for businesses, especially in today’s world where such a large proportion of clients and potential clients use social networking. Be it Facebook or Twitter, people everywhere are updating posts and tweeting. It’s a great way to interact.

There’s no doubt that customers research products before they buy using social media as one of their decision making tools. According to research conducted by Internet Advertising Bureau UK, based on positive social media interactions, nine out of ten customers would recommend a brand to others. Research based on a survey conducted in the UK.

When a customer posts something about a company or its product or asks a question and gets a response it means a lot to that customer. It shows the company cares about its customer satisfaction and cares about the way it conducts business. It offers a company another chance to connect with its customers and builds spheres of influence among people involved in and around the company.

How your customer through social media can help your company?

Share a link which re-directs the customers to a page or on your company’s website Google counts this; the more traffic you get and the more links your post, the higher up you go in the search engine rankings.

Using social media as part of your marketing, and making your presence felt online, is the way forward for all businesses; those which ignore the power of Twitter and Facebook may find themselves playing catch up in the near future.