International Tea Day and ISO?

BY James Slade ON 15th December 2015.



December the 15th is #InternationalTeaDay, a day to celebrate the world’s second most popular drink (After water) and part of our day to day life.

However, Milk or Tea first? A long running debate that, along with many uncertainties in the world of beverages and food, can be resolved by conforming to an international standard. ISO 3103, released in 1980, sets the international standard for the brewing of tea, and sets down strict criteria for the vessel used (A teapot, not just a teacup or mug!) and for the optimum brewing time (6 Minutes).

ISO have produced thousands of standards cross all parts of our everyday life, as the video from ISO (International Organization for Standardization) shows, be it the Road Signs we use to safely commute to work, the rigorous industry specific testing for the automobiles we travel in, the stringent Data Security standards our Mobile Phone network follows or the international calibration standards our laboratories follow, ISO standards are truly woven into our lives as a trusted symbol of quality

Thanks to ISO (International Organization for Standardization) for the above video

Laboratories across the world follow the ISO 3103 standard to undertake sensory tests using tea, and international standardization for this task, along with many others, allows for fair testing and repeatability of those tests.

So, Milk or Tea first? The answer is MILK, according to the standard “If the test involves milk, then it is added before pouring the infused tea – if any milk added after the pouring of tea is best tasted when the liquid is between 65 – 80 °C”

Happy #InternationalTeaDay!