An All Round Solution To California’s Severe Drought

BY Rebecca Randles ON 15th October 2015.

Balls on California Lake

With an annual loss of 1.1 BILLION litres of water and a risk of producing carcinogenic by-products through its reservoirs, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) would be excused for saying a drastic solution was required to the crisis facing the city’s water supply.

California is coming into its 4th year of a record breaking drought that has seen 12 million trees die and a 35% water usage reduction target imposed on the city.

Sunlight is causing a number of problems for the city’s water supply. We all understand that water is subject to evaporation, especially when being held in a 3.3 Billion litre reservoir in the often blistering heats of Los Angeles, CA. However not many people realise that the combination of algae growth (which eventuates from direct sunlight) and the Chlorine disinfectant used in the reservoir, has the potential to produce carcinogenic by-products.

The solution presented to both of these issues was in the form of a sphere. A Ball. A 10cm Black Plastic Ball costing 23p each, filled with water and coated with a UV resistant material (with a lifespan of 25 years, too!)

The balls cover the surface of the reservoir, and quite simply, reduces the impact of sunlight on the water. The concept stemmed from a small contaminated pond that utilised these balls in order to stop birds from drinking the contaminated water within.

IMSM, who have many clients within Los Angeles and the rest of California, are committed to reducing water usage in our office locations and fully support the efforts of the LADWP and their innovative approach to the Environment.

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