WM Investigation Ltd

BY Rebecca Randles ON 3rd February 2015.

WM Investigation provides investigation services for many of the high street banks and finance houses in locating people throughout the world. They specialise in private and commercial investigations, applying knowledge, skill, experience and professionalism to respond quickly and effectively to the investigation needs of their clients. Having successfully tackled over 250,000 investigations and traces since their formation in 1989, no matter straight forward or complicated the investigation, WM Investigation provide a service giving their clients a personal and commercial advantage. WM Investigation is managed by a highly experienced team of ex-police officers with an investigation network covering the whole of the UK. Their range of services includes, investigation, surveillance, employment screening, process serving and tracing/finding/locating.

WM Investigation’s have successfully completed both ISO 9001 Quality Management and ISO 27001 Information and Data Security, which they believe complement each other so well; the benefits to their business have been astounding. WM Investigation began receiving questionnaires from a lot of their customers such as the banks and local authorities, asking questions surrounding ISO such as, ‘do you have ISO 27001?’ or ‘which ISO do you have?’ For them, ISO certification became inevitable.

When discussing the ongoing impact of ISO, Mr. Malcolm Maycock, comments, “It is integral now throughout the business, we wouldn’t get the customers we have today without the ISO”.
WM Investigation also deal with fraud, therefore the security of data is vital, this is where ISO plays a key role. ISO 27001 has proven essential as it gives WM Investigation the ability to confirm externally to customers, especially during yearly security audits they must complete for the banks, of their security credentials. Similarly, the ISO 9001 has played a critical in assuring quality.

ISO 27001, in particular, has helped WM Investigation to always be reviewing everything, including their suppliers. In doing so, their suppliers have now become a lot more efficient when dealing with them, knowing that WM Investigation will be on their case as soon as anything goes wrong. “The ISO has absolutely improved our whole supply chain.”

So have WM Investigations goals been achieved? “Absolutely! Exceeded in fact. We found that the ISO’s have helped us to keep on top of all the processes within the business so things just don’t go by the by. So far this year we have picked up 3 tenders which I don’t think we would have even been considered for or looked at without the ISO qualifications.”

What have been the unexpected benefits? “There have been so many benefits; the main thing that we have noticed is that it provokes you to take a different view on your business. You realise that your business becomes more structured and more process driven. You are able to prevent a lot of the quirkiness that can come with a new project, which are now mapped out a lot more thoroughly because it has to fit in with the ISO process.”

Mr. Maycock continues, “One of the things that we have got out of our ISO 27001 is actually promoting our own employment screening product which is a requirement of the Data Protection Act. The Data Protection Act 1998 7th Principle states, ‘the data controller must take reasonable steps to ensure the reliability of any employees of his who have access to the personal data’ meaning, any person dealing with data should be screened. Through the ISO we have devised this as part of our service, because you need it as part of your ISO 27001”.

With regards to the next steps, Mr. Maycock concludes, “Continued growth of the company and being able to pick up more and more major blue chip banks compared to other companies in our sector who do not have this qualification.”

WM Investigation met with 4 other ISO providers; however IMSM stood out amongst the competition, identified as being a company that would be easy to work with. “Our IMSM consultant was brilliant”.


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