iso 14001

ISO 14001 Standard for Environmental Management helps organisations to establish, implement, maintain and improve an effective Environmental Management Policy. It provides them guidance in measuring and improving their impact on the environment, although it doesn’t state specific environmental performance criteria.

Who’s it for?

Because the ISO 14001 is flexible and doesn’t state specific environmental performance criteria, it is applicable to any organisation, regardless of its size, what it does or what sector it’s in.

What’s its value?

For companies looking for help to build an effective, long-term Environmental Management System that meets international approval, the ISO 140001 is ideal.

ISO 14001 brings companies a consistent approach to confirming with their own stated environmental policy. It will also help them to increase the efficiency of their business processes and operations and reduce their waste and energy consumption. Finally, it gives companies the assurance that they are complying with all relevant environmental laws and regulatory requirements.

Other Benefits:

1. Demonstrates real commitment to being eco-friendly

2. Reveals systematic ways to control effects on the environment

3. Brings cost savings through reduced waste and energy conservation

4. Increase profits through growth in efficiency and productivity

5. Internationally-respected Standard validates credibility of Environmental Policy

6. Offers enhanced reputation and marketing edge

7. Improves communication to employees about their responsibilities

8. Enriches relationships with stakeholders, investors, insurers, customers, suppliers and the wider community.

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